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Social Skill Activities for Today’s Kids, Ages 10-11

Product Number: EMC3120
Social Skills Activities for Today’s Kids Helps Children Have Positive Social Experiences!This colorful workbook helps child...



Social Skills Activities for Today’s Kids Helps Children Have Positive Social Experiences! This colorful workbook helps children ages 10–11 practice and prepare for social situations in their everyday lives, such as making friends, being at school, going places, and being online. The activities in this book are designed to help children think about social skills and how they can be used in everyday life at school, at a restaurant, or online, for example. Learning social skills will be an important part of children having friendships and other meaningful relationships, as well as positive interactions with their peers and safe and responsible experiences online. Each workbook includes: • 75 fun and meaningful activities and hands-on projects • Talk with Your Family discussion starters • A social skills handbook to remove from the workbook so children can practice their social skills and remember all they have learned Engaging full-color activities help children learn about topics such as: Making Friends • Introducing yourself • What do you want in a friend? • Ways to join in • Ups and downs • Hurt feelings • Setting boundaries Being at School • Respecting others • Choices at school • Inviting others • Making adjustments • Conflict choices • Journal your feelings • Measure the problem Going Places • How to greet people • Making assumptions • Different is cool • What to say at a restaurant • Treating servers with respect • Things that happen at the store • Behavior at a store Being Online • Online safety • Sharing pictures • Website safety • Digital messages • Internet choices • Your feelings online • Digital respect checklist …and more Learning social skills can often happen naturally as children observe the people in their environment and as parents provide guidance and direction. The activities in this workbook make practicing and talking about social skills a positive experience for both children and parents and provide a platform for parents to guide their children in their family’s personal preferences and boundaries.

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